Are HVAC Maintenance Agreements Worth The Money?

Many HVAC companies offer an extended maintenance agreement, but are they worth the money? Customers can choose these agreements if they would like discounted service repair, along with a set of pre-paid tune ups. Service agreements are incredibly beneficial for home owners, not to mention great money-savers in hindsight. The main reasons people purchase service agreements are to have preventive maintenance performed on their homes twice per year, receive priority service if there is a breakdown, and to ensure against the cost of sizable repairs.

HVAC Maintenance Agreements Coverage

Service agreements are an agreement between customer and HVAC service provider. The customer pays a set fee to guarantee the company’s ongoing services. There are three broad categories of agreements. There are agreements that only cover the cost of annual or semi-annual scheduled tune-ups. Other agreements offer discounted labor rates for planned maintenance as well as unplanned repairs. Lastly, there are agreements that cover partial labor costs for maintenance, repairs, and parts. At JAK Services, we offer a Universal Savings Agreement with the best of both worlds. Our service agreement will give you two HVAC tune ups per year, plus a 15% discount on all service repair throughout the entire year should you need it. Coverage varies within each category. Some agreements are for heating only or air conditioning equipment, and others cover both. Other agreements will only cover certain repair and maintenance work. When shopping, look at companies that cover roughly the same items and ask them for a list explaining their tune up procedures. The cost of agreements can start as low as $99 and go all the way up to $300. No matter which agreements you choose, always request a copy of the service agreement from your HVAC provider.


Whether you have a large home or a smaller home, HVAC service agreements are necessary in order to help prevent costly system breakdowns. Maintaining a priority customer status, is also a great reason to consider a service agreement. If you are still unsure about whether a service agreement is right for you, JAK Services would be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding HVAC Service Agreements! Please click here to learn more about our Universal Savings Agreement.

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