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Furnace Installation for Keller, TX

Consistent heat isn’t a matter of choice for homes in Keller, TX. With the recent extremes in weather during the winter in the area, knowing you can stay warm and safe at home is more important than ever. If your current system has dipped in functionality or something else has prompted you to look for a “furnace installation near me,” you can trust the experts at JAK Services to give you the best HVAC system services in all of Texas.

When Should I Get My Furnace Replacement?

At what point should you seek a furnace replacement in Keller, TX? If you’ve noticed a sudden change in the quality of heat you’ve been getting, it’s generally smart to trust your instincts and act accordingly. 

Furnaces are designed to last 20 years at most, but you’ll find that after 15, they’ll start to take a major dip in efficiency. You’ll feel some areas struggle to be heated consistently and others that may not feel any warmth at all. Your system will start to make some unpleasant smells or sounds as it operates, and at that point, it’s a health risk as much as it is one of comfort. 

Any HVAC replacement cost is an investment to be considered. But when you think about the money you would otherwise spend on maintaining a faulty system, the pros quickly outweigh the cons. 

What to Expect During a Furnace Installation

You may have wondered how to install a furnace and air conditioner. Considering that they’re fairly similar appliances, the process is relatively similar. What it really comes down to is compatibility. 

Picking a Furnace

It’s important to make sure that the furnace you choose is one that’ll work with the ductwork already installed throughout your house. It also needs to be able to connect with the existing gas lines and electrical wiring from your previous unit. Finally, your existing air conditioner has to be able to work alongside your new heating system, which may require secondary equipment to ensure a happy marriage.

The JAK Services team will cover all of those factors and more for homes in Keller. They understand that an improperly sized furnace, which is one of the most common causes of repairs and breakdowns, has the potential to raise your utility bills by up to 30%. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to perfect our furnace installation services.

Benefits of a New Furnace

Even considering the initial furnace installation cost, there are many benefits to a new heating system. 

High Efficiency

Like any new HVAC installation, the heater you get will be on the cutting edge of its industry. That means it will run better, easier, and with less energy used. You’ll see this reflected on your utility bill一not much at first, but those savings only add up over its lifespan. 

Low Maintenance Costs

A new furnace will have far lower maintenance costs than an outdated model, adding to the savings. You don’t have to worry about dropping hundreds of dollars on what amounts essentially to bandaid solutions. With a new heater you only have to think about annual maintenance, which will allow you to catch problems early on and ensure consistent efficiency and the longest lifespan possible.

All of this starts with your furnace installation and how well it’s delivered into your household. First impressions matter as much with your appliances as it does with new friends or coworkers. So if you’ve a home in Keller and are looking to start things off right with your new furnace, take that first step with JAK Services. 


JAK Services, a Texas Furnace Installation Company

Since 2003, the JAK Services team has worked day in and day out to give the kind of services that families in Texas deserve. Whether you need our help in replacements or additions to your home’s heating system, or if you’re looking to repair and maintain what you already have, we’re ready with experience and skills that can’t be beat. We’re a full-service HVAC provider, so we’re ready to help you with any heating or cooling problems you could think of.

You shouldn’t have to bargain and beg for a place warm enough to call home. We can make sure that, at the end of the day, you can rely on your new furnace to keep your home more comfortable in (and frankly, safer against) the harshest winter. So if you think you don’t know JAK about your furnace, trust JAK Services to clear things up and leave your home warm and cozy!