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Winter in Texas may be short, but it certainly can be cold. During the winter months, there’s nothing quite like a cozy, warm home. JAK Services is the local expert for all of your heating and cooling needs. No one knows Keller, TX, like we do. 

Heating Repair

Your heating system works hard to keep your home toasty and warm, but sometimes things go wrong. The signs that your heater is not working properly can be more subtle than not switching on. 

If you notice any of the following issues, organize a heating repair as soon as possible:

  • Your energy bill skyrockets
  • The heating system makes strange noises
  • The heating is inconsistent — some rooms are warmer than others
  • The heater blows out cool air
  • The thermostat does not reflect the correct temperature
  • The air quality is stuffy or deteriorating

Our experienced technicians perform quick residential heater repairs. We promptly assess and fix your home’s temperature control system so that the disruption to your comfort is minimal. 

Heating Replacement

Replacing an HVAC is not always the last resort. A heating system generally has a 15 to 20-year life span if it’s well maintained, but it may be necessary to replace it sooner. 

If your heater is less than 15 years old and is having the following issues, a unit replacement may be recommended:

  • The system needs regular and costly repairs
  • The price of a repair is about half the price of installing a new heater
  • Despite regular repairs, the heater doesn’t perform as effectively as it should

Replacing a faulty or unreliable heater is an investment in your quality of life. We will expertly replace your home heater and restore comfort to your living space.

Heating Installation

There’s a lot to consider when installing a new heating system. Experienced, licensed technicians can guide you through your decision. A new heating installation is a valuable investment into your home that needs to be carried out by experts. Cutting corners on a new heating system will be more costly in the long run. An improperly installed heater may use more power and be unable to warm your home sufficiently. 

We will conduct a thorough investigation and advise you on the following considerations:

  • The correct size of the new heater
  • The best placement for your new unit
  • The compatibility of the system with the existing ductwork and electrical wiring 
  • The compatibility of the system with your current air conditioning unit

Technology changes constantly, and HVAC systems are frequently upgraded. A new heating system will run quietly, efficiently, and have smart controls. They provide cleaner air and use less energy than older units. We will provide you with the perfect home heater.

Heating Tune-Up

In Keller, TX, heaters sit unused for the long, hot summers. Heating tune-ups are recommended twice per year. They involve:

  • Cleaning the system
  • Inspection and adjustments of the wiring components
  • Air filter replacement
  • Lubrication of moving parts in the motor
  • Testing the exhaust, ignition, system controls, and carbon monoxide levels
  • Draining and clearing the condenser
  • Inspection of the thermostat and fan belt
  • Replacement of faulty or worn parts

A heating tune-up by our licensed technicians will ensure that your home heater is running at peak performance. Heating tune-ups prepare your system for use over the cooler months, extend the life of your unit, and reduce the need for costly, emergency repairs.

Heating Maintenance

In order to have your heater running safely, regular maintenance is necessary. Maintenance is an important safety measure that involves: 

  • Checking for oil leaks
  • Assessing coil connection and evaporator cleanliness 
  • Looking for issues with thermostat wiring, fans, the motor, and electrical connections

Regular check-ups can prevent dangerous and costly issues down the line.

Heating Services in Keller, TX

Your heating and cooling system is a complex and valuable asset. It requires care in order to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Whether your home heating unit needs repair, replacement, tune-up, or maintenance, choose experienced and licensed heating specialists to take care of it. 

Why Choose JAK Services for Your Heating Needs?

There are numerous heating services near Keller, TX, but not all companies know heating like we do. We are a family-owned and operated company with years of experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we have earned our reputation as the best for heating services near you.

JAK Services is the only choice when you need an expert company in Keller, TX, for all of your heating needs. Call us today for heating services that are second to none.