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Do you have a tough time keeping each space in your home at maximum comfort? An elegant solution could be a multi-zone HVAC system called the Mitsubishi Multi-Zone Mini-Split. 

These unique HVAC systems allow you to enjoy control over the climate of each room in your home. They’re also designed to be incredibly energy efficient, which translates to some significant savings on your monthly utilities. 

JAK Services is the go-to multi-zone HVAC system company for homeowners in Keller, TX. With a multi-zone HVAC system, you can experience an impressive amount of reliable heating and cooling, all while saving money and keeping every member of your home at their personal level of comfort. 

At JAK Services, we have significant experience and familiarity with these robust systems, and we’re ready to pass that experience on to our customers.

How the Multi-Zone System Works

A multi-zone HVAC allows you to cool or heat multiple rooms in your home at different levels. It enables you to have complete command over your comfort in every space at all times. 

If you’re living in a large or multi-level home, you can adjust the heating and cooling based on the needs of each level. These HVAC systems are also great if you live in an older home, as a multi-zone HVAC installation doesn’t require ducting, so it isn’t nearly as invasive as many other HVAC installations.

Individual AC or heat pump systems are often called mini-splits, as they’re split into two components and tend to be smaller compared to more conventional systems. Mini-split heat pumps can cool your home in the summer and warm up spaces in the winter. 

The system includes a controller that’s either handheld or wall-mounted, and you can use the Mitsubishi app to give yourself even more control, no matter where you are. 

JAK Services can help if you’re looking for a multi-zone AC near you. With a Mitsubishi mini-split heat pump, you’ll have one external condenser that powers all of your home’s heating and cooling needs. That central system will drive individual units to allow complete room-by-room control of your home’s climate. 

We’re here to answer any questions and take you through our comprehensive installation process for a system that’s sure to yield the best possible results and comfort.

The Benefits of Multi-Zone Mini Split Installation

Single-zone systems are the most common systems in homes and can often work well for smaller homes. But depending on your situation, a multi-zone mini split AC could bring your home into a whole new level of comfort. 

If you’re interested in investing in a multi-zone mini-split or other multi-zone HVAC, knowing what advantages they can provide for you is essential. JAK Services customers who invest in these revolutionary HVAC systems can attest to some of these great benefits.

Energy Efficiency

The great thing about ductless mini split air conditioners is that they’re for every home and building owner. However, they do tend to work better for those living in smaller spaces.
As a result, people who live in these buildings may benefit more from a ductless air conditioner:

– Condos
– Studio apartments
– One-bedroom homes
– Small office buildings

Still, ductless mini split systems are excellent options for those looking for better temperature control, no matter the building type. A mini split is an excellent option for those in larger buildings–you may just need to install a more advanced mini split system.

Exceptional Control

Multi-zone systems will allow you to control each area of your home with impressive accuracy. While your typical system only allows you to control your entire home with a thermostat, each space that uses a multi-zone system will have its own unit for you to control with a separate thermostat or remote.

Superior Customization

When you control each room’s temperature, you can customize every aspect of comfort in your home. For example, with a multi-zone system, each person can adjust the temperature to their favorite sleeping temperature in their bedroom before they go to sleep. 

Multi-zone systems allow for all kinds of customization options compared to the single-zone system.

Designing Comfort Through Mini Splits

Comfort means something different to everyone. With the installation of a multi-zoned HVAC system, your family can enjoy their personal comfort without anyone else needing to sacrifice theirs. 

When each room has its individual unit, you can take control over hot or cold spots. And with the remote app, you can warm up or cool down parts of your home from just about anywhere.

Multi-Zone HVAC Installations

When comparing a single-zone HVAC installation to a multi-zone, the single-zone installation is often much more involved. A ducted system can end up taking weeks to get installed. 

However, a multi-zone system can sometimes be set up within a single day. And since you won’t have to worry about ducts, the new system will run the cool or warm air directly into the room. 

JAK Services can help get your mini-split system installed, as well as set up and tweaked to your exact preferences. We’ll demonstrate ways you can get the most out of your system, from controlling each room’s temperature to optimizing energy use from anywhere in your home. 

No matter how involved your installation or what you need, we’ll make sure we leave you feeling confident with your new multi-zone HVAC system.

Take Advantage of Multi-Zone HVAC Systems in Keller, TX

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