HVAC Services in Westlake, TX

An HVAC system is responsible for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In Texas, this luxury is essential to keep your family safe and comfortable. If you’re currently struggling to keep window units blowing and managing high monthly bills, it’s time to introduce you to this more efficient central heating and cooling system. At JAK Services, we can help you with your HVAC installation upgrades and replacements.

Are you searching for reliable HVAC services in Westlake, TX? Our experts can help you install, repair, and maintain a long-lasting HVAC system. Whether you’ve never experienced central air in your home or you’re seasoned in HVAC products and ready for a replacement, we’re here to help. Call us today, at (817) 904 – 4442.

JAK Services® proudly sells American Standard Equipment. Our highly qualified service technicians can service or repair any brand that you may have.

HVAC Services in Westlake, TX

Our HVAC services in Westlake, TX include everything from air conditioning to furnace, and air purification to duct cleaning. 

AC Maintenance

One of the most useful HVAC services near you is seasonal AC maintenance. Every 90 days, you should have a professional change your system’s dirty air filter and inspect its parts for breakdowns or inefficiencies. 


AC Repair

You may need HVAC repair if you notice your HVAC unit is making strange sounds or emitting moldy smells, you find water or refrigerant pooling around your unit, or your AC simply stops blowing cool air. Our AC repair services will highlight the source of the issue and address it.


AC Installation and Replacement

We offer both new AC installation and replacement services to help you introduce a new AC system for the first time or to replace your existing unit. During a new installation, we may install ductwork or run refrigerant lines. During a replacement, we can help you remove your existing HVAC unit and choose a better-sized model or more efficient system.


AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up is an annual air conditioner service that assesses how well your system performed over the last year and points you in the right direction for how it can improve next year. This is the opportune time to check for issues in airflow like clogged coils and to test your indoor air quality to maintain healthy air.


Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Repair

In addition to traditional HVAC systems, we also offer ductless mini-split installation and repair services. While ductless systems are typically more expensive to install upfront, they save you money in the long run on monthly energy costs. We can help you learn more about these duct-free AC systems, and help you choose the best model for your home.

Furnace Repair

Furnace repair services help to strengthen your heating system’s lifespan. You may need furnace repair if your system fails to blow warm air, there are issues in your ductwork like blockages or leaks, and strange sounds are emitting from your furnace. If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to contact a professional who can check things out.


Furnace Installation

With a new furnace installation, we are typically introducing a central heating system to a home. However, we also offer furnace replacement services. If you are getting your furnace replaced, we will first inspect your existing setup for any parts that can stay effective. We will also remove any faulty parts connected to your main unit to make room for the new and reliable system.


Furnace Tune-Up

Like an AC tune-up, your furnace tune-up is responsible for going down a checklist of parts to ensure everything is working and assessing its performance over time. Annual tune-up services are not only useful for maintaining your system, but they also give you a potential timeline for when you may need a furnace replacement so you can plan without unexpected costs.


Furnace Maintenance

Over time, your system will need to undergo furnace maintenance. With consistent use, your furnace fills with soot. If you don’t clean your furnace regularly and continue using it, this factor can harm your air quality and transport dirty air throughout your home. We also suggest conducting your furnace maintenance seasonally or at least twice a year.


Heating Repair

Heat pump repair is more complicated than furnace services because it functions as both a heater and a cooler. Our team is well-versed in all types of heating systems and can help you restore your system’s performance as soon as possible.


Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning not only disinfects the ducts your clean air travels through, but it also provides the perfect opportunity to keep an eye out for leaks or other damage in your ductwork. Finding the first signs of a leak will help you address the issue early and keep your air clean.


Commercial Cooling

Commercial cooling is responsible for keeping your staff and customers cool while they’re in your building. We can help you sort out the most effective way to cool your business and increase employee and customer satisfaction.


Commercial Heating

Commercial heating services should always be conducted by a professional contractor. Our experts understand energy costs, and we can help you construct solutions to stay on your energy budget, while still maintaining a cool and comfortable business space.

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JAK Services is the trusted heating and cooling company in Westlake, TX. Serving our local community for nearly 20 years, we’ve picked up plenty of HVAC tips and tricks along the way. We will introduce products and services that work for your home, and show you ways to use your HVAC system more efficiently, so you keep your monthly heating and cooling costs low.

Are you searching for reliable HVAC services in Westlake, TX? JAK Services is a licensed and local Westlake air conditioning company that gets the job done right. When you need help with your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to give our experts a call! Book your appointment with us today, at (817) 904 – 4442.