HVAC Services in Irving, TX

Most residential and commercial structures in Irving have a sophisticated system of heating and cooling appliances. When the frost hits, you rely on your furnace to warm your home or building. When the summer rages on, your air conditioner makes sure that you keep a cool head. Basically, you need your HVAC systems, and you know they deserve a qualified HVAC contractor to take care of them when issues pop up.

If you’ve been looking into providers of HVAC services in Irving, TX, the team at JAK Services is the best in the business. Whether your needs are commercial or residential, we can make sure your property thrives all year long.


JAK Services® proudly sells American Standard Equipment. Our highly qualified service technicians can service or repair any brand that you may have.

Our HVAC Services

You get a lot of good out of your air conditioner in Irving. The summers here are hot and muggy, but you can handle any amount of heat from a lovely, cooled-down home or office building. The right Irving AC company can make sure that your cooling system stays efficient, and they’ll help you enjoy your unit for years to come!

AC Maintenance

You don’t have to wait until things break down completely to look for the best “AC technician near you.” Scheduling regular AC tune-ups (ideally in the springtime) will ensure that your unit is working stronger and using minimal energy. Doing this could save you money on your monthly utility bill, as well as give you the chance to catch repairs early.

AC Repair

It’s fairly easy to tell when you need an air conditioning repair. It could be that your system can no longer cool your entire home or building. Or, if it is cooling fine, it may be making new sounds or smells or producing leaks around the unit’s base as it operates. 

Whatever the reason, central air repair is no problem for the team at JAK Services. We can trace any problem to its source and get it solved just as quickly.

AC Installation

If you’re replacing an outdated unit or incorporating a new system into your home or building for the very first time, we can help you with your AC installation. 

Our systems are newer, stronger, and easier to maintain. All you have to do is contact us to get the process started!

Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace works just as hard as your air conditioner, only in a different fashion. When snow covers the Irving area, it’s your heating system that makes sure you wake up warm and cozy. But if you don’t take care of your furnace, it can’t take care of you.

Maintenance will keep your heating unit running smoothly and efficiently. You can also use bi-annual tune-ups as a way to improve your indoor air quality and make sure that you aren’t circulating dust and other particulates through your household.

Furnace Repair

Depending on what type of furnace you have, there’s a chance that it may use carbon monoxide—a deadly gas that’s nearly impossible to detect. So if you think you need heating repair, especially if your carbon monoxide detector has gone off recently, it’s absolutely important to call JAK Services to put things back in order. You’ll end up with a home or workplace that’s warmer AND safer.

In return for all that your AC and furnace do throughout the year, make sure you come to us for HVAC services in Irving, TX. We’ll give those units the best care and ensure they can keep your family comfortable the rest of the year.

Repair vs. Furnace Installation

If your HVAC units were old when you moved into your home, storefront, or office building, then they likely aren’t very efficient now. You may be avoiding the cost investment of a new furnace installation without even realizing that you’ve already spent the equivalent on repairs. 

A new furnace runs better across the board, and it’ll save you money on overall operating costs from the get-go. Basically, don’t sink any more money into your old unit if it’s malfunctioning! If you’re unsure whether you need a new installation, we can assist you.

Commercial AC and Heating Services

If you’re running a business, you need quality and reliable HVAC systems at all times. Our technicians at JAK services have worked with units in all layouts, setups, and capacities. If you need heating or AC repair, maintenance, or installation, we’ve got you covered. 

Residential and Commercial HVAC Services Near Irving

Have you been scouring the web for an “HVAC company near you”? Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we can help. At JAK Services, we specialize in commercial and residential HVAC services, and we’re ready to work in everything from repairs to installation.

We believe in making our services as accessible as possible because Irvington should be a comfortable place for everyone to live and work, regardless of the season. So call JAK Services today for a job done right.