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Replace my thermostat

Replacing your thermostat can save you money in the long run.

Replacing an old thermostat that has outdated technology, can provide much needed improvement to the overall comfort of the home.  The old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” doesn’t necessarily apply to thermostats. Thermostats of today contain many electronics that can become contaminated by dust, or negatively impacted by electrical storms, and overtime may become less accurate and out of calibration.  Consider these thoughts:

  • How many thermostats do you have in your home?
  • Would it be convenient to have those show up on your phone, so you can control them while away, or sitting on the couch with your family?
  • Does your system turn on and off quickly? We call that short cycling.
  • Do your current thermostats offer you the ability to have “Home management”?
  • Is your thermostat so old that you can barely read how to operate the controls?
  • Do you even have a copy of the operating instructions?
  • Does your thermostat contain MERCURY? Yes, they are still out there, and must be disposed of properly!
  • Can you program your thermostat to work with your schedule?

So, the short answer to the question “When should I replace my thermostat?” is not a short answer. If you have a thermostat that is old and outdated then you would greatly benefit from a new one.

Now the next question is: Should I install a new thermostat myself or call a professional?” We recommend always calling a professional, because thermostats must be programmed to control the particular equipment in your home. Do you have a heat pump? Gas system? How about just plain old electric heat? If you cannot answer these questions, and know how they apply to the thermostat you may buy at the local home center, then you are in for a difficult time, and might end up calling a professional anyway. One of the most common service calls that many HVAC contractors receive is from the consumer that says,” My AC system is not working” and upon the telephone triage we find out that they just installed a new thermostat. Many times when the technician arrives the customer has blown a fuse, failed to program the thermostat properly, or the wires are not in the proper location. It’s usually a simple service call but now the poor consumer that was trying to save a buck has now paid more, and received much less of an advanced thermostat than a professional has available, and it would come with a warranty.  We recommend calling a professional!

Should you have any questions regarding your thermostat, please be sure to give us a call at 817-313-4985.

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