3 Reasons Why Buying a Backup Generator Matters

When disaster strikes, having a back up plan is extremely important. Whether it’s a power failure or a storm, you can always have electricity to depend on. We work with Honeywell to bring top of the line products to you. When your fridge is fully stocked and the power goes out; on average, more than $200 or more are lost. We want to help you prevent that loss. You can always be prepared by having a Honeywell Generator installed. JAK Services believes in having top of the line products for our customers and we want to make sure that you are able to save money, time as well as help our environment. Here are three reasons a to why having a backup generator matters…


1. Frequent Backup Generator Check Ups not Required

Unlike most generators, the engine is built for duration. Quality is very important to us. We understand quality over quantity. Having to schedule constant maintenances checkups can be very inconvenient, especially when you have a busy work schedule, family activities, etc. We believe that your time is important. Honeywell Generators require significantly fewer scheduled maintenance checkups than other generators. We not only want to save your time, but money as well.

2. Access from Any Time, Anywhere

Honeywell Residential Generators are up to date with the latest technology. Mobile Link cellular remote monitoring allows you to have the access to check the generator’s status while you’re away. You can access this from your smart phone. This mobile application allows you to receive multiple notifications that range from maintenance alerts to low battery life. We know this is pretty efficient, especially the mobile app features.

3. Eco-Friendly Backup Generators

Honeywell Generators run at a lower RPM (rates per minute) for a five to twelve minute test, this allows for the generator to consume less fuel. Being Eco-Friendly is very important to us. We understand that keeping our environment clean is crucial. Always remember, it’s always about the small changes that make the biggest impact to our environment.

JAK Services in Keller, Texas, wants to make sure that we not only provide great service, we also want to provide great solutions.

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